The Cease and Desist Letter Generator

Use this website to easily create a free cease and desist letters from a variety of different templates. PLEASE NOTE: this web app is still under construction!

1. What type of cease and desist letter do you want to generate?

  • Copyright Infringement: Your products have been copied without permission.
  • Debt Collection Harassment: A business is unlawfully and continually attempting to collect money from you.
  • Trademark Violation: Your registered trademark has been used or copied.
  • General Harassment: A person or business is harassing and/or stalking you, or anything of this nature.
  • Defamation and Slander: A person or business has said or published untrue things in order to hurt you or your business's# reputation.
  • Non-compete Agreement: A previous employee has agreed not to work with any of your clients, but has not honoured this agreement.#

If you need more help selecting the right type of cease and desist letter, you might like to visit the wikipedia article: Cease and Desist to get started. If the type of letter that you're looking for isn't on the above list feel free to email and I'll do my best to help you out.

(Don't worry, you can still come back and change things)

DISCLAIMER: The generated agreement may not be suitable for your circumstances and it is recommended to seek legal advice before sending., understandably, can not take any responsibility for any events that arise as a result of you using the generated document.

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